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TouchPOS Technical Info

The following comments, specifications and environmental 
requirements apply to the Touch Point of Sale System.

  • The TouchPOS system is a touch-screen Point of Sale system, running standalone on Win2k professional, or as a network, mixing Win9x or Win2k platforms.
  • It can be configured for either Pro-Shop or Food&Bev operations and includes many features specific to each environments needs.  For the Pro-Shop, it enforces the Touch-Tee Day of Play Functions in which Green-Fees cannot be sold at the point of sale, unless a justifying reservation or walk-on entry has been provided to the Tee-Times system.  For Food&Bev establishments, TouchPOS provides component-tracking, prep-tables and full support of the  CGS A/R System's minimum spending requirements feature.
  • It uses the item lists and data files maintained by the Administrative Inventory Control System.

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  • It's screen is divided into three major sections.
    The left section is a realistic view of the receipt which is constantly updated throughout the sales process.
    The center section provides a scrolling catalog of all defined "Item Pages".
    The remainder of the screen presents the currently selected "Item Page".  An item page is a collection of buttons, each of which can add an item to the open receipt or jump to another Item Page.  Through this mechanism (and using the integrated page editor,) you can quickly define any number of buttons, organized across any number of pages.
  • Since individual items can appear on the buttons of multiple pages, item-type and vendor specific pages can be created.  These become a real time saver under many sales conditions.
  • Surrounding and dividing the screen's three sections, fixed function buttons provide access to the receipt handling aspects of the system  (Creating a new receipt, Voiding a previously entered item and/or an entire receipt, Closing a receipt and handling payment details, etc.)
  • The TouchPOS interfaces with the CGS Credit Card System to provide high-speed authorizations.  At the end of each shift, TouchPOS submits all appropriate  sales to the credit card system for data-capture and collection.
  • The TouchPOS also interfaces with the CGS Micros Simulator which functions as a hotel interface, allowing customers to charge their purchases to their rooms in real-time.
  • Finally,  TouchPOS interfaces with the CGS A/R System allowing club members to charge their purchases to their member accounts.  This interface also allows members to pay their account balances at the point of sale station, (which is very convenient when the accounting office is closed).
  • The TouchPOS supports a variety of peripherals including up to four cash drawers per workstation,  bar-code readers (UPC or Code39), magnetic swipe readers (for both credit and membership cards) and any windows compatible receipt printer.
  • It offers user-definable security ranging from "completely open" to "paranoid", with two-tier server/administrator privledge support.
  • Once configured, TouchPOS's greatest feature is its ease of use, which practically eliminates the need for employee training while making its wide range of capabilities obvious to even new users.


Multi-User Stand Alone
  • Operating System
Server  : Windows 2000l Server Terminal Services Edition (see Note #1)
Clients : Windows 9x, Millenium or Windows 2000 Professional
Windows 2000 Professional
  • Processor
Server  : Pentium II, 500Mhz
Clients :Celeron,  350Mhs  (see Note #2)
Pentium II, 500Mhz
  • Ram
Server  : 192MB + (64MB per workstation)
Clients : 64MB
128 MB
  • Harddrive
Server  : 20 GB
Clients : 2 GB
20 GB
  • Misc. Hardware
Touch Screen Monitor (optional - see Note #3)
Consult CGS for Recommended Hardware (Cash Drawers, Barcode Readers, etc.)
  • Network
Ethernet, 10baseT or faster, TCP-IP Protocol, with a dedicated Windows 2K Server
  • Software
Server : 
Pervasive SQL 2000 Server
Microsoft SQL Server 
  (1..5) Terminals - Desktop Edition 
  6+ Terminals - Full Edition

Clients : 
No Additional Software Required

Pervasive SQL 2000 Workstation
Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Edition 

Note #1
On network installations involving more than one TouchPOS terminal, Microsoft Terminal Server is strongly recommended.   For a more complete details, see the Installation Recommendation page.

Note #2
Microsoft Terminal Server claims to support clients with processors as small as the original Pentium.
CGS has not yet tried it on less than the hardware recommended above.

Note #3
Although each TouchPOS terminal should be equipped with a 15" or larger Touch Screen Monitor, the software can be operated with a mouse instead.