Point-of-Sale Golf Shop Management
Touch-Screen Application

CGSs Touch-Point-of-Sale Inventory application is a complete retail inventory solution that enables golf & recreation facilities to automate daily operation & management functions. The combination of CGSs Touch-POS and retail inventory allow pro-shops to manage their inventory as well as the service items being sold through the point-of-sale. Touch-POS allows POS clerks to sell merchandise and collect fees at the same terminal in a one-step process, thereby, minimizes loss of revenue and creating an error-free merchandise and services tracking system. 


  • "Touch Clerk-Friendly"

  • Instant "END-OF-DAY"

  • "Clerk in 10" - Only 10 minutes of instruction required to train on CGS Touch- POS.

  • "NO-WAIT" Credit Card

  • Customer Activity Tracking with customer ID photos on screen.

  • Four (4) Credit Book Accounts (Rain checks, Tournament vouchers, Gift Certificates, Vouchers)

  • Ability to print Certificates from the four Credit book accounts (Rain checks, Tournament vouchers, Gift Certificates, Vouchers)

  • Customize Point-of-Sale buttons with product images on POS touch screen.

  • Ability to create specific F&B touch screen buttons with food & drink images.

  • Management control of retail inventory and revenue at point-of-sale.

  • Analysis reports at the end-of-day, end-of-month.


High Capacity Storage

  • Up to 9 departments

  • Up to 255 class codes

  • Up to 640 vendor codes


  • POS tracking by sales person, payment type and item ID.

  • Salesperson security at POS terminal

  • Multiple cash drawer control

  • Administrative passwords 

  • Daily activity summary by salesperson