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At Computer Golf Software, we continuously enhance our products, having developed the most technically advanced software available today. Our network of programmers, qualified installers, and friendly and knowledgeable sales and support staff will guarantee you the best results from your new system. Software Maintenance & Use means...

  • Stand-By Readiness 

  • Guaranteed Annual Updates 

  • Maintained Source Files for Programs/Manuals 

  • Constant Response to Your Changing Needs 

  • Phone Support 

  • Education / Training Facilities 

What do you get when you pay for software maintenance? The recessions of the 90's has eliminated software support companies who survived mainly on new sales. Customers relying on these support companies are discovering that they have to either purchase new software/hardware or put up with the evolving inadequacies of their present system. When a software company is unable to continue its service, the customers investment of time & money is jeopardized. When you buy software maintenance from Computer Golf Software, the contract includes:

UPDATES. The issuance of a guaranteed annual update responds to the customer requests and suggestions. A programming staff is constantly employed for this reason.

SAFEGUARDING OF SOURCE CODE. The source code is the software's foundation and must be under control and available before any changes or improvements can occur. We maintain over 2,500,000 lines of source code for our applications and manuals.

HARDWARE/SOFTWARE INDUSTRY ADVANCES. Computer Golf Software develops its applications to utilize new capabilities such as connectivity, windows and interfaces (word-processing, spreadsheets & graphic packages).

PHONE SUPPORT. This is the most obvious of the support services. Computer Golf Software will assist program users, new and experienced, with the many facets of our complete programming features. The Computer Golf Software "Time Slips Reporting System" reveals how the customer is using our support services. A monthly report to management is sent along with an explanation detailing the relationship between the user and our support personnel.

STAND-BY READINESS. Computer Golf Software stands ready should you ever require our emergency recovery service.

EDUCATION FACILITIES FOR ON-GOING TRAINING. Our highly skilled product support staff either train at our Florida headquarters or at your location.