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"Day of Play” GOLF PRO
Application Package

TELE-TEE & WEBTIMES Application Package


CGS’s "Day of Play" Golf Pro application suite is a complete solution that enables golf & recreation facilities to automate daily operation & management functions. The combination of CGS’s Touch-POS and Touch-Tee products allow reservation/POS clerks to collect fees and check-in players in a one-step process, thereby, minimizes loss of revenue and creating an “error-free” check-in and tracking system. 

"Day of Play" Golf Pro is a software application suite that allows the check-in and payment process for a tee-time golfer to be accomplished via one or several real-time networked terminals working off the same tee-sheet. Player tracking is accomplished by the use of an electronic Tee-sheet screen, allowing reservations to be checked, and the touch POS screen, allowing the receipt of payment. CGS’s Day of Play application suite is a combination of the following:

  • Touch-Tee, a powerful tee-times reservation planning system, simplifies and streamlines the management of reservations in a recreation facility.

  • Touch-POS, a powerful touch-screen point-of-sale system, expedites the handling of customer purchases with a minimum of screen touches. 

The combination of Touch-Tee and Touch-POS creates a powerful and simplified system that allows the facility owner the control of reservation requests prior to the day of play and the management of the day of play check-in and pay procedures.


  • One-step check-in and revenue collection, automated check-in procedures for faster and more accurate check-in.

  • Revenue tracking during player check-in.

  • Rounds tracking, tracking rounds by type and type of payment, including complimentary rounds.

  • Cart Control checks and balance on cart and player check-ins.

  • Electronic Tee-sheet controls tee-times booking and allows for faster access to reservation information and tracking.

  • Management control of check-in revenue collection, eliminates lost revenue from “free” play.

  • Analysis reports at the end-of-day.


  • Touch-screen reservationĚ Touch-screen point-of-sale

  • Fast and accurate player check-in and payment

  • Color coded electronic tee-sheet displays percentage of play

  • Analysis reports analyzes rates though out day of play

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